The Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest is located in Calistoga, CA, just an hour north of San Francisco. The town itself is beautiful, with a main street lined with shops and restaurants. But if you venture outside the city limits, you’ll find miles of peaceful forest filled with petrified wood. Within this forest lies one of the most unique geological attractions in the world: The Petolved Forest! The Petrified Forest is a geological wonder that was created approximately 230 million years ago when volcanic particles fell into a bed of carbonate-rich soil and were compressed into rock. Over time, the high pressure and low humidity of the forest have allowed these rocks to slowly disintegrate and release their exotic minerals into solution. This amazing attraction is located at 4100 Petrified Forest Rd, Calistoga, CA 94515. Today you can explore these strange formations and take in magnificent views of vineyards and farms while experiencing this natural wonder first hand.


What to know before you go to the Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest is located just north of Calistoga in Napa County. There are many other hot springs and forests within this area, and you may be confused as to why you are visiting the Petrified Forest instead. The Petrified Forest is, in fact, the only site in the world where the entire forest has been affected by petrified water! The Petrified Forest is also stunningly beautiful, with more than 60 plant species found nowhere else on earth. Visitors to the Petrified Forest will find themselves in a nearly pristine forest filled with hundreds of naturally formed stone structures that were formed over hundreds of thousands of years by water. These structures range from small rocks to large boulders that were compressed and preserved by the pressure from mineral solution.


Hikes in the Petrified Forest
The Petrified

Forest is a popular place for hiking and trail running, but it can be difficult to navigate for first-time visitors. It’s important to note that the forest has its own ecosystem, so the plants and animals are different than other parts of the region. This can make it difficult to understand what you are seeing. The good news is that these natural formations can be explored on a variety of short trails. It’s important to note that most of the trails in the Petrified Forest are one-way, and you can expect to see visitors and park staff on some trails. The best way to enjoy the forest is to keep your distance and be mindful of others.


Things to do at the Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest is a popular spot for exploring the geology and natural history of California. It’s a short drive from the city, making it easy to visit multiple times during your trip. The Petrified Forest Museum – The sun-baked Petrified Forest Museum is a great place to start your explorations. The museum features exhibits that cover the geology and petrified wood of the region. A highlight here is the Superstition Gallery, which features beautiful petrified wood as well as models of the early settlers of the area. The Petrified Forest Trail – A short trail starting from the visitor center leads to the most commonly visited features in the forest. The trail continues through a desert setting, with a view of the forest to the north and overlooks of Calistoga to the south. Petrified Forest Trail – The Petrified Forest Trail is a longer, looping trail that encircles the visitor center and starts at the eastern edge of the forest. The trail is well-maintained, with good signage, so it’s a good option for exploring the forest.


Tips for visiting the Petrified Forest

Explore the area around the forest. Calistoga is a beautiful town with charming shops and restaurants, and there are also plenty of wineries for exploring. Explore the Petrified Forest Trail. This trail is relatively short and easy to navigate, so it’s a great option for visitors of all ages. Remember, only stay in the park for the length of your permit each day. If you plan to explore the region around the Petrified Forest, you’ll also need to purchase a Golden Gate Recreation Area Pass to enter other areas of the park.



The Petrified Forest is a fascinating geological site that can be explored on a variety of trails. This forest is a must-see for geologists and history lovers, and it’s often packed with visitors. The forest features petrified wood that was compressed over millions of years, and it’s also stunningly beautiful and has very few visitors. Explore the forest early in the morning, when it’s less crowded, or on a weekday. For anyone interested in exploring the forest, a one-day pass is enough time to explore most of the trails. The Petrified Forest is a must-see for those interested in geology and natural history, and it’s also stunningly beautiful. Learn more about us here

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