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We provide Santa Rosa hot tub removals. We break down, pick-up, haul away, and properly dispose hot tubs.

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North Bay Junk Removal is the #1 choice for residential & commercial junk removal in Santa Rosa CA. We offer a complete range of services at fair prices. Hot tub removal is just one of those.

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We know that everyone has garbage to get rid of. We provide our customers with options for pricing based on the size and weight they need removed from your property. So, whether you have an old hot tub or anything else, we've got you covered!

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We pride ourselves in making things as easy and smooth as possible for out customers. This is why we always focus on providing the best customer service possible. We know how important word-of-mouth marketings is in this business!

North Bay Hot Tub Removal Service

A Quick Break Down Of Our Hot Tub Removal Service

Hot Tub Breakdown

In the junk removal business, hot tubs are a staple of our industry. We have been removing them for years and can count on one hand how many we haven't removed yet! That's why it makes sense to make quick work when breaking down an old tub with experience and the right equipment--disconnecting hoses or wiring if needed - cutting sections into manageable pieces before hauling away everything from pipes plumbing fixtures anything else you might find inside your outdated tub.

Hot Tube Removal Santa Rosa

We Haul Them All

We take all types of hot tubs. Ones that have been sitting for years. We'll even get rid of the ones that are inside your deck! As part our many junk removal services in Santa Rosa, this is one task you can count on us for--we won't let anything stand between you and that added space in your backyard or deck. Call today to schedule an appointment with professional hot tub removal experts.

We Haul Them Away

Properly Dispose Of Them

Hot tubs are full of all sorts of materials. They are a specialty item. They contain plastics, foam insulation, wood frames and electric motors to name a few. All these items need proper disposal so you don't want to handle them yourself- Call us up the pros here at North Bay Junk Removal who know how it's done. We are ust one quick phone call away from it being taken care of.

Here Are The Steps To Our Hot Tub Removal Process…

Step #1

Give us a call for your 100% FREE estimate on removing your hot tub.

Step #2

Text us over a picture of the tub. We may give you an estimate right then!

Step #3

We will give you anestimate, the day & time we can go and collect the hot tub.

Step #4

Just kick back, relax as our professional team haul it away for you!

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If you’re tired of staring at your old and non-working hot tub and thinking about all the space it could be freeing up, then you are one quick call away from making it disappear. North Bay Junk Removal will take care and haul off that old thing for good!

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