Children's Museum of Sonoma County

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is located in Santa Rosa, California. It is one of the best children’s museums in the country and offers a different experience for every age. The museum offers exhibits that are designed to educate, inspire and excite children, their parents, educators and caregivers. This amazing museum is located at 1835 W Steele Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Here are some interesting facts about the CMOSC:

6,000 square feet of exhibits

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County has a collection of 6,000 square feet of exhibits, which includes more than 20 permanent exhibits. This collection includes interactive exhibits, technology-enhanced exhibits, hands-on learning spaces, a science lab, children’s theatre, a green room, a classroom, and a community room that can be used for learning activities, screenings or classes. The museum also offers a mobile unit that travels to various locations throughout the community.

CMOSC has a full-time staff of 22 plus volunteers

The museum has a full-time staff of 22 full-time employees, including Curator Rebecca Fritz, Assistant Curator of Science and Technology, and Chief of Staff Eileen Klaar. The museum also has a team of more than 50 volunteers who help with a variety of tasks, including programming, marketing and special events, as well as construction and maintenance. The volunteers range in age from high school students to retired professionals. In addition, CMOSC has more than 100 volunteers who commit to 25 hours per week. The volunteers are essential to the success of the museum and the programming they provide. Next article.

CMOSCC offers more than 100 camps and classes throughout the year

CMOSCC offers more than 100 camps and classes throughout the year, including science, music, technology, STEAM and art camps, workshops and classes for kids and families of all ages, preschool, after school and summer programs. The programming is offered at the CMOSC location, as well as partner sites. CMOSCC also offers special events throughout the year, including Citizen Science Day, Earth Day Camp and an After School Engineering Club.

The museum has a Go Mobile initiative to expand access for young families in underserved areas

The museum has a Go Mobile initiative to expand access for young families in underserved areas. Go Mobile is a mobile science lab with controllable building blocks and interactive experiments, which are designed to engage young children in science and technology. The Go Mobile vehicle can travel to various locations and is equipped with high-quality sound, lighting and a projector. It can be used for outreach and education activities in underserved areas, as well as for community gatherings, family-friendly screenings, and birthday parties. The museum’s mobile lab, Go Mobile, can be rented for $375 per day. This fee covers a custom-designed trailer, on-board sound, lighting and a projector. The lab can be set-up and taken down in just a few hours. A Go Mobile staff member and an engineer are also included in the rental fee. For more information about renting the Go Mobile Lab, please contact Contact us here too


The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is a unique and special place for children and families. It is a non-profit institution, located in the heart of Santa Rosa, California. The museum is equipped with a rich collection of interactive exhibits and a full-time staff of 22, who are dedicated to enriching the lives of children. If you are looking for a place to bring the whole family, visit the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. The museum will inspire and excite children while they learn and grow.

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