Junk Removal

Excellent Junk Removal by the NORTH BAY JUNK REMOVAL Experts

Our junk and removal services are at large, and we deal in all kinds of de-cluttering jobs. Our services include Commercial and corporate junk removal, residential and domestic junk removal, removal of amenities, removal of old beddings, and Holiday debris removal. We always prioritize customer satisfaction, quality work, and professionalism in our work. We always provide what we promise.

Garbage & Junk Removal

Even the smallest of jobs can seem very tough during a busy season.  Our junk removal team will come to your doorstep and free you from the burden of this junk and the expense of having it towed. We at NORTH BAY JUNK REMOVAL provide an expert service of Residential & Commercial Junk Removal in Rohnert Park, CA & surrounding areas; we try to reduce that stress on you by removing garbage from your home.

Removal of Amenities

We are open to towing all kinds of junk, and that includes the old interior as well. We will remove this eyesore from your land in a jiffy. You won’t have to worry about its proper disposal as we have all the required equipment for the appropriate disposal.

Mattress Removal

When your mattress gets older, and you don’t understand where to dispose it of safely, that’s where NORTH BAY JUNK REMOVAL comes to the rescue and removes the mattress from your house. You can avail of our services to remove your old stuff, including mattress, bed, and furniture, and we will take them off your property without letting you get too much stressed. This is because we care for you.

Holiday Debris Removal

Residential parties and events can be a significant stress out due to the amount of cleaning left to be done. You can now allow us at NORTH BAY JUNK REMOVAL, to do it for you for a very reasonable amount of money.

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